Philosophical Thinking for Children

Alison Allsopp
SAPERE Level 1 Registered Trainer in P4C Teacher and Coach

SAPERE Training in Philosophical Thinking for Children in Schools and other Educational Settings

What is Philosophical Thinking for Children?

P4C is a structured approach to learning through questioning, enquiry and dialogue.  P4C aims to encourage children (and adults) to think critically and creatively; it allows them to puzzle, ponder and ask their own questions relating to important issues in life.

  P4C helps teachers build a community of enquiry within the classroom which provides children with the opportunities to think openly, clearly and rigorously and to communicate successfully with each other in a caring and collaborative manner.
P4C is not a curriculum subject or an add-on but rather a pedagogy, which stands in its own right to complement many requirements of today’s changing curriculum across all key stages.

It can be used with any age or ability and is as equally beneficial to special needs children as it is to the gifted and talented.

Benefits of P4C

  • Provides a structured model for Speaking and Listening and ....
  • Promotes the value of communication
  • Develops higher order thinking skills
  • Boosts creativity and imagination
  • Encourages Independence
  • Increases motivation to enquire and learn
  • Encourages decision-making
  • Develops collaborative enquiry
  • Promotes social and moral values
  • Impacts on children’s learning across the curriculum

    P4C  also has benefits which link closely to many of the current educational initiatives, namely:-

    Speaking & Listening
    Thinking Skills
    Learning to Learn & AfL
    Lifelong learning SEAL & SMSC
    Creative Curriculum
    Every Child Matters
    2020 Vision
    EYFS Framework
    Building Learning Power

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