Philosophical Thinking for Children

Alison Allsopp
SAPERE Level 1 Registered Trainer in P4C Teacher and Coach




Training & School Inset

There are several broad Inset training options on offer for introducing P4C into the classroom:
Sapere 2 day course in Philosop
SAPERE Level 1 course

The two-day Level 1 course in Philosophical Thinking provides basic training in preparation for introducing philosophical enquiry into the classroom or learning environment. The two days can be taken consecutively (during or out of term time) or split over time to allow for practice in between. The maximum number for a Level 1 is 22 participants.
Includes SAPERE certification for all participants.
Course handbooks can be purchased separately at a cost of £30.00 each.

The P4C Level 1 course is a hands-on practical approach to:-

  • Learn ways to develop  good thinking and questioning
  • Understand the theory and practice of being a good facilitator
  • Learn how to create a community of enquiry within the classroom
  • Have experience of taking part in an enquiry
  • See how P4C can be applied with different age ranges and within the context of the curriculum
  • Gain lots of ideas, resources,  suggestions starting points, warm ups  to encourage thinking in the classroom

The one-day Introduction to P4C

Schools can choose the one-day Introduction to P4C which provides participants with a practical understanding of how the model of enquiry works initially and can be followed up with Day 2 at a later stage if required.

Twilight Inset sessions

are also available – please contact me to discuss the specific needs of your school.

Coaching and teaching support

I can model P4C sessions with children in the classroom or work alongside and coach teachers who wish to start practising P4C. This can also include the planning of sessions and provision of resources and ideas to use with children.

Level 1 open courses

A twice-yearly open Level 1 course for schools who wish to train one of two members of staff. These are run by me locally in Hampshire. Alternatively, SAPERE offer regular monthly Level 1 courses in Oxford or London.  For more information and dates, please contact me.

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